Cherry Class 

<Ms. Bhabie>

My name is Ms Bhabie. I’m from the Philippines. I graduated Bachelor of Science in commerce major in Management Accounting at Colegio De La Purisima Concepcion in Philippines. I had been teaching in Cherry class since 2019 as a main teacher. 

  <Cherry Class>

In Cherry Class our objective is to learn the ABC’s alphabet, Numbers from 1-10, shapes, simple conversation in English. We also help them to develop their interpersonal skills. 

In this class, we focus on these skills.

  • Learn to be comfortable in a new environment without parents.
  • Learn to socially interact with friends and teachers through playing.
  • Learn fun song in English.
  • Learn simple English words and phrases.
  • Learn to count and recognize numbers 1-10.
  • Learn to recognize colors and shapes.
  • Learn to recognize A-Z and vocabularies.

Apple class

<Ms. Ange>

Welcome everyone

My name is Ms. Ange. In Apple class, we learn the basics on building kid’s confidence in speaking English.

A daily routine in English will give your children the keys to open every doors in his/her studies.

Please join us for full immersion in English! Let’s have fun with phonics, songs and much more! I am looking forward to meet you.

<Apple Class>

We do the class only in English.
In this class, we focus on these skills.

  • Get used to the new environment and learn to communicate with the teacher and fellow classmates.
  • Learn to understand and describe the basic preschool skills such as colors, shapes, numbers…etc
  • Learn the basic patterns of school life such as sharing, cooperating and good manners.
  • Learn to enjoy participating in all kinds of activities, such as singing, drawing and playing games.
  • Learn to understand vocabulary (related to monthly alphabets.)
  • Learn to count until 60 and write the numbers in a proper way (1-20).
  • Learn to read and write A-Z (upper case alphabet).
  • Learn phonics.

<Afternoon Class>

I’m also teaching in the afternoon for the students who want to learn English with low level or fully beginners.

Melon Class

<Ms. Chandrima>

My name is Chandrima and I am from India. I have completed research on “Earthquake” from Tsukuba University, Ibaraki. I have been working in this preschool for 12 years. I am the main teacher in Melon Class. The object of our class is to familiarize the children with the small alphabets, counting numbers, basic calculation (addition and subtraction), crafts, cooking and also introducing the kids yoga.

<Melon Class>

The children work on class project which depends on the month’s theme. This helps them to communicate and cooperate well with their classmates.
The hands on activities, group projects, constructions, dramatic play, etc. will provide interesting and challenging environments and also stimulate their senses, imagination and natural curiosity (“why” and “how”).

In this class, we focus on these skills.

  • Learn and cherish the behavioral aspect of life (kindness, cooperation, friendliness etc.)
  • Learn to socialize and appreciate other cultures.
  • Learn to write their full name.
  • Learn to observe, experiment, inquire and examine different aspect of science.
  • Learn to recognize and write upper/lower case alphabet.
  • Learn vocabulary, phonics-sound of alphabets.
  • Learn to count and write numbers 1 to 100.
  • Learn basic calculation (addition and subtraction).
  • Encourage the feeling of self confidence, belonging and security.
  • Making crafts depend on the month’s theme.
  • Enjoy cooking with teacher,
  • learn to read books by themselves.
  • Learn songs depend on the month’s theme.

Grape Class

<Ms. Melanie>

Hi my name is Melanie Dayao Sakai from the Philippines. I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting and completed teaching course at Thomson Education Direct of Pennsylvania U.S.A. I have been teaching at this school for 20 years. I am the main teacher of Grape Class ages 5-6 years old. I teach the children to develop their communications, academics and socializations. I make sure the children achieve the 5 important parts in learning English. (1) Conversations, (2) Listening (3) Reading, (4) Writing and (5) Spelling words. I also teach the Elementary students who wants to continue learning English.

<Grape Class>

In this class the children build their foundation in preparation for Elementary. They learn to develop under the mixture of thematic approach,
that involve motor skills, perception, literacy, memory, problem solving in Math, Socialization, and learn to be aware on multicultural.

They also learn and develop the followings:

Language Art, the children develop their verbal self – expression, classifying and sequencing, learn the phonetic sounds and blends of the letters, build words/vocabulary, learn to read books, sentences and write short stories and diaries.

Social Skills, the children learn to build their self – esteem, positive interpersonal relationships to others, self – control, cooperation, respect for self and environment.

Mathematics, the children learn the concept and basic of numeracy, solving problems in Math and calculation.

Science, the children cultivate their natural sense of wonder and curiosity and stimulate further to find out the “Why and How” of the world.

Enrichment, the children learn songs, poem, dramatic art, dance and appreciate the Arts and Crafts.

<Afternoon Class>

The children in this class are mostly elementary students from 1st grader and above, who wants to continue to learn English. They learn from grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and conversation in a relax atmosphere. The lessons are design according to their levels. Students who voluntarily want to take Eiken test are also assisted.