Frequently asked questions:

Do you have lunch school lunch?

Lunch is available four days a week, from Tuesday to Friday. (But you must order it in advance).

Can you do toilet training?

We will first consult with you to be able to understand your needs and children’s needs. Then, we will do toilet training at the children’s own pace.

Can I transfer classes when I am absent?

Transfer is not possible.

Do you have early childhood / extended childcare?

Please make a reservation the day before. It is possible from 9 am to 9:30 am and from 1 pm to 6 pm. (Please contact us if you wish to extend after that.) There is a discount if you pay monthly.

Will my children English will become fluent, when he/she join a class?

Based on past trends, children who attend classes every day seem to have a relatively high level of English conversation. Of course, it will vary depending on the child’s personality and home environment.

Could it is possible to join an international school after graduating from your school?

Of course, some of our children went to Aoba International School, Columbia International School, and Christian Academy.

Can I visit the school? 

Anyone can observe classes by telephoning and making an appointment.

Our kindergarten education will be explained and, you will be able to see each class in action.

I want to do a trial lesson. When is it possible?

After observation, children can take part in a class.

Please consult the school regarding the time you would like to attend.

Is it possible to join the class once a week?

There is a weekly class only for cherry classes (under three years old). For details, please refer to each class introduction.

Is it possible to enter the school from the middle of the year?

Please be assured that we accept admission in the middle of the year.

When will the orientation be held?

Please check the time schedule on our homepage or contact us.

Is there a school bus?

It is currently under consideration.