About the handling of personal information on the site.

(1) Collection and use of personal information

Our management site collects and uses personal information in the following cases.

1. Acquisition and use of cookies

a. Acquisition and use of attribute information and action history

We use cookies to protect user privacy, improve usability, deliver ads, and collect statistical data.
In addition, we use technologies such as Cookie and JavaScript to provide attribute information that cannot be specified by individuals, such as age, gender, occupation, and residential area, etc. Action history (accessed URL, contents, reference order, etc.) may be acquired.
However, personal information is not included in cookies and action history. In addition, when the user logs in and uses the service provided by our company (hereinafter referred to as this service), we may distribute and display advertisements after identifying the individual.
This service uses the behavioral targeting advertising service provided by the operating company that distributes advertisements in order to deliver appropriate advertisements to users.
If you would like to disable this service, please visit our opt-out page and follow the instructions. (Opt-out function may not be available when accessing from mobile phone)

b. Opt-out page

Yahoo Japan Corporation: html
Google Corporation:

(2) Disclaimer regarding disclosure of personal information

We do not disclose personal information other than property information to third parties. However, if there is a formal disclosure request from a legal institution (court, police, etc.), information may be disclosed without your consent. If the property owner refuses to post the information on the property, please contact us directly and request cancellation of the posting.

(3) Management of personal information

We will take appropriate safety measures for personal information in terms of technology and organization, and take preventive measures for safety measures such as loss or falsification of personal information.

(4) Contact information for personal information management

Tokyo Hikarigaoka International Preschool
3-30-9 Akatsuka Shinmachi, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo